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Tyler Williams · Zappos
About the Episode

When businesses get bigger, so do the challenges of maintaining an engaged and empowered workforce. As Fungineer at Zappos, Tyler Williams understands these challenges first hand. In this episode, we talk with Tyler about his path to becoming Fungineer and what it takes to implement a progressive holacratic operating model within a billion-dollar business.

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The Gathering Summit


"Reps are encouraged to emotionally connect with the caller...they have the same ability as the CEO does to make customers happy"
About the Guest
Tyler Williams
Fungineer, Zappos.com
Tyler Williams is the Fungineer for online retailer Zappos.com. No official schooling, accomplishments, or achievements were required to earn this title since there are no titles at Zappos. Tyler is currently the Lead Link for the Brand Aura circle which energizes the following purpose statement: “Zappos is universally known as unique, slightly irreverent, customer service focused, employee-focused, and always makes everyone say WOW!”. In 2014, Zappos transitioned into self-organization. This shift allowed Zappos employees the freedom to follow their passions, and accelerate in their careers. Tyler began bringing “The Wow” through authentic Brand Aura initiatives. In October of 2015, Tony Hsieh, Zappos CEO asked Tyler to become the lead link of Brand Aura. A role at Zappos that Tony held up until that point. With no traditional marketing education or experience, Tyler recklessly spent what was left in the Brand Aura budget on one last campaign in 2015. The campaign was a nation-wide pet adoption from Black Friday to Cyber Monday called Pawlidayz. The campaign appeared in almost 300 publications and got over 400 million impressions. In under 5 years, Tyler Williams went from a CLT rep in Zappos call center to managing the largest marketing budget in the company.
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