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The Path to Enlightenment Starts Here
Enlightenment starts with asking the right questions of our clients, their people, their customers and their prospective customers. The answers help us see things that others don’t.
Is Your Brand Cult Capable?
The first leg on our Journey examines six dimensions of your organization to identify key challenges and opportunities, and evaluate your cult brand potential.
Internal engagement is meaningful, not only because it boosts morale and productivity, but also because it’s highly correlated with creating a desirable brand ethos and reputation that motivates people to buy, and buy in.
We seek to understand the customer experience - what it is and what it could be - as well as your customers themselves. Who are they? What drives their purchase decisions and their loyalty? Target customers will be identified, grouped and profiled for motivations and behaviours using supplied research and third party data.
The market positioning of competitors is analyzed to identify gaps between your brand and theirs, and to establish benchmarks and best practices in your category.
Communicating with customers is not just one way anymore. We audit the messages and channels your brand uses to ignite interest, persuade purchases and foster deep brand affinity - beyond the sale - that closes the loyalty loop.
Core Competencies
Focus. Cult brands have it. Most do not. These are the things your brand and organization excel at. We consider not only what they are, but how they can be made (more) remarkable in ways that give your brand an unfair competitive advantage.
Here, we evaluate personnel, processes, programs and infrastructure – the building blocks of your brand and business - to determine any potential opportunities for honing your organization to be an inspirational customer-focused machine that electromagnetically attracts customers.
Are you a courageous brand leader who opposes the overuse of mass media and markdowns and would rather make impressions instead of buying them?
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FIX: A new prescription to cure disengaged customers, prospects or staff
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