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Our Team
Cult is a team of talented professionals and experts across North America.
Senior Strategist
Carson McKee

Interesting Facts

  • Carson is a part-time Marketing instructor at the British Columbia Institute of Technology
  • He loves pop culture
  • He is a collector of vintage toys
  • Carson bought the dip


Carson McKee joined Cult with over fifteen years of experience working with local, national and international brands across agency, freelance and consultant roles. His extensive background includes account management, media planning, and end-to-end campaign execution, with his greatest strength being strategy development. Carson has worked in various industries ranging from professional sports to automotive to retail, and he is deeply passionate about brands and consumer connections.

Carson believes people are the most significant part of any project or campaign and that nothing gets the sparks flying and blood rushing, quite like the synergy that people can create. He is grateful that he can help build that feeling within the projects he is involved with and loves to see the positive impact it has on the people he works with.

Inspired By
l look to be open to as many different sources of inspiration as possible, even if they seem completely unrelated – because that provides the ability and environment to draw connections in new ways is the path to new ideas.
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