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Our Team
Cult is a team of talented professionals and experts across North America.
Sr. Engagement Engineer, Cult Collective
Charles Blackwell

Interesting Facts

  • Charles once kissed the back of Ronald Reagan’s neck.
  • He was in the astronaut program for four years but had his dreams crushed when the last moon shot was cancelled by NASA.
  • He still holds the Guinness World Record for longest time standing naked on one foot (three weeks, two days, 17 hours).
  • The index finger on his left hand is composed entirely of Pez candies, melted, molded and attached by surgeons at John Hopkins in San Francisco (this is why he can never get it wet).
  • Charles is fluent in the African click language. (Actually it is his first language, he was adopted by a South African family at a very early age… the greatest achievement of his life was mastering the English Language at the age of 17.)


Over his 25-year career, Charles has worked as a copywriter and creative director at major agencies in London, New York and Calgary. He was also President of his own award-winning agency, Push, for several years. His work has been featured in the Clios, Marketing Awards, Bessies, Applied Arts, IBAs and the London International Advertising Festival.

Inspired By
David Abbott, David Ogilvy... I actually I find all Davids to be deeply inspiring.
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