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Our Team
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Strategy Intern
Conner Smith

Interesting Facts

  • Conner will always consider basketball to be his first true love.
  • He has a mamba mentality!
  • He is often reminded that Conner, with an E, is not the traditional spelling.
  • He refers to himself as a connoisseur of fashion and self-care.  
  • If he could have any car, he would pick a Mercedes-Benz AMG GT R.


Conner is a recent graduate of St. Lawrence College with an advanced diploma in Advertising, Communications and Marketing. His various skills and communication style make him a Swiss Army knife when it comes to marketing, and it is the strategic side, in particular, of the industry that interests him the most. Conner thoroughly enjoys learning, problem-solving, and understanding consumer mindsets with his unique perspective, which is why he is such a valuable member of Cult’s strategic team!

Conner’s passion for learning extends beyond the walls of Cult, and he loves practicing and developing his skills and knowledge in world issues, sports, exercise and diet.  

Inspired By
Those who display courage and encourage others to be the best they can be through love, family, health and dedication when faced with adversity.
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