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Our Team
Cult is a team of talented professionals and experts across North America.
Graphic Designer
Ina Wee

Interesting Facts

  • Ina played tennis at a national level in the Philippines.
  • Her other passion is photography. She owns 7 types of cameras including digital and film.
  • Nothing cheers Ina up more than bubble tea.
  • She loves all types of music, but her faves include hip hop, rnb, indie, and k pop!
  • She absolutely loves crispy chicken, even though she’s allergic to it!


Ina is a creative force that is continuously innovating. She creates some of the most unique and trend-setting designs in the market. With a Diploma in Graphic Communications, Ina is constantly stepping out of her comfort zone to conceptualize and build designs that make companies memorable. One of Ina’s passions is appreciating other artists’ work, which is why she loves researching fellow designers to pull inspiration from their stories, applications, and theories. Aside from graphic design, Ina also enjoys photography and frequenting local art galleries. Fun fact: she’s also a social media guru. When it comes to ideating content, having an eye for trending topics, or snapping the perfectly timed photo, Ina knows how to build a consistent following and keep them engaged.

Inspired By
I get my energy and creativity from silence.
FIX: A new prescription to cure disengaged customers, prospects or staff
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