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Our Team
Cult is a team of talented professionals and experts across North America.
Engagement Manager
Jaysi Cuffy

Interesting Facts

  • She has flown in the jump seat of a few Boeing cockpits, and she LOVES the feeling of taking off.
  • Her grandfather was a DJ in the 1960s and she inherited over 100 of his old vinyl records.
  • She was born and raised on the beautiful island of St. Lucia, moved to Toronto at the age 10 and has fallen in love with Calgary over the last 6 years.
  • She is obsessed with tea and she can tell you everything from optimal picking conditions to brewing time, for every kind of tea.
  • Her biggest hero is her centurion great-grandmother who, at 100 years old as of 2020, still enjoys her nightly routine of whiskey and tobacco from her pipe. Her joie de vivre is evident as she sings to her family in kweyol, the native language of St. Lucia.


Jaysi specializes in public relations and she has a soft spot for entrepreneurs and emerging brands. She studied communication at Mount Royal University, where she developed a passion for investor relations, innovative marketing and social justice enterprises.

She has supported small businesses with their branding and larger corporations with internal communication and change management. Her greatest reward is being a voice of serenity when a client is stressed.

Of all her roles, Jaysi’s favourite is being the cool aunt to her two nieces.

Inspired By
The Pursuit of Happiness: Transcending challenges big and small to excel and build the life you deserve.
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