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Our Team
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Internal Engagement Strategist
Kimberlea Kozachenko

Interesting Facts

  • Kim already knows you don’t know how to pronounce her last name. That’s ok. Sometimes, she’s not sure if she’s pronouncing it right either. So, “Kim K” is just fine.
  • She’s had several memorable brushes with fame – tea with Deepak Chopra, a chat about jackets with Tim Gunn, public speaking coaching from Hill Harper (to name a few). Seriously, it’s wild how often things like that happen to her.
  • She really loves dogs. She currently has two and most definitely will be acquiring more!
  • Her favourite food is cheeseburgers. Double cheeseburgers to be more accurate.
  • Kim used to work on a Wildfire Incident Command team and took a helicopter to work every day. She even got to fly a Bell 212 once. Ok…she probably wasn’t ACTUALLY flying it but wasn’t it nice of the pilot to let her think she was?!


When Kimberlea was first exploring what she wanted to be when she grew up, she was convinced she was going to be an accountant. Less than 30-seconds in front of a ledger on her first day of university gave her IMMEDIATE clarity (translation: she panicked) and quickly decided to leave the numbers to the pros and focus on people instead. And this was an excellent choice.

Ever since, Kim has grown up in the world of People & Culture both in practice and through strategic innovation as an executive leader in corporate environments, entrepreneur, and consultant. She’s become a sought-after international speaker and contributor to the talent and business community and has been invited to share at world-class events for LinkedIn, MediaCorp, numerous professional designation associations, Universities including Harvard Business School, University of Calgary, and more.

She holds professional designations of Registered Professional Recruiter (R.P.R.), Certified Leadership Coach (C.L.C.), Associate Certified Coach (A.C.C.) and is an internationally published writer with her works printed in digital copy in Canada and the United States and paperback/hardcover in Canada and the United Kingdom. Kim is committed to helping individuals and organizations achieve their most audacious goals. She believes relentless innovation, genuine connections, and transparency will transform global talent practices for the better.

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