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Lindsay Madill

Interesting Facts

  • Lindsay was born in Labrador and, despite living in Alberta for more than two decades, is proud to consider herself still a Newfie! She loves the ocean and the mountains equally.
  • She holds a Bachelor of Music degree, is a classically trained Saxophonist and learned to play most wind and percussion instruments during her education. 
  • Lindsay loves downhill skiing, biking, and golfing. You give her an activity outside in the sunshine, and she will be happy to join in!
  • Like the great (and fictional) Captain Picard, her preferred morning drink is a large cup of Earl Grey tea, hot!
  • Lindsay loves to travel the world and hopes to one day say she has visited every continent! So far, her favorite place she has visited is Kyoto, Japan.


Lindsay comes from a long line of teachers, with almost all of her immediate family working or retired from teaching. She was confident that she would also be a teacher and studied Mathematics and Music, focusing on secondary education. However, living with a household of passionate educators made it clear to her that teaching was not in her blood, and she decided to take her love of numbers to pursue the exciting world of accounting! Don’t worry; she won’t fight you if you disagree about the thrills of accounting. Accounting isn’t just about invoices and taxes, the power of accounting lies in helping businesses learn more about what’s happening and what can happen. She loves to apply her knowledge, skills, and love of technology to support great brands achieve their potential.

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