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Our Team
Cult is a team of talented professionals and experts across North America.
Project Coordinator
Mitch Phillips

Interesting Facts

  • Mitch is originally a country guy from a farming town but never owned a pair of cowboy boots until he lived in the city.
  • He has played music – namely guitars – since he was eight years old and originally wanted to be a rockstar.
  • He loves The Lord of the Rings and will quote it as often as you allow, but he won’t acknowledge the TV series.
  • Mitch rides snowmobiles in the BC mountains during the winter.
  • Even though he’s Canadian, the Dallas Stars have been his choice NHL team since 1997 (why??), and that will never change.


Mitch Phillips has lived and worked in the Calgary area since his move from Central Alberta in 2015. As a marketing major from the U of C, he has worked in marketing-focused roles in several industries and firmly embedded his mark in many local and international businesses. He’s quick with a joke but always carries a creative and competitive flare about him, whether at the office, the gym, or in his kitchen. Wild ideas, constant learning, and good people keep him fueled for the day, and if he had it his way, every day would be Taco Tuesday.

Inspired By
Unwavering loyalty.
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