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Getting Emotional is the Most Rational Thing a Marketer Can Do
Audience Intersection Mapping

Join Marc Whitehead, Cult’s Chief Engagement Officer, as he shares how to not only get a handle on your customer’s needs, but how to understand their feelings and beliefs.

Landmark books, like How Customers Think by Gerald Zaltman and The Business of Choice by Matthew Wilcox, share a notion common amongst today’s behavioral psychologists: that the vast majority of consumer purchase decisions are made subconsciously through emotions and then rationalized after the fact. When we are being consumers ourselves, this idea makes perfect sense to us, and we recognize examples of it immediately in many of the daily decisions we all make.

Despite this, for many marketers and agency advisors— even those amongst us who embrace improving audience engagement as the first and most important domino for ultimate success—it’s rarely a starting point in the process of problem solving.
Watch our latest webinar on Audience Intersection Mapping and how it can impact your business!


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