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Brand Experience Model
Prove and Predict the Financial Impact of Brand

The Brand Experience Model assesses all aspects of corporate activity to prove and predict the financial contribution of brand to the bottom line, providing a complete picture for better decision-making to generate disproportionate growth.

Every day, marketing, financial and operational decisions are made without having a fully integrated picture of how, where or when those decisions might provide financial benefit. Companies commonly apply more financial rigor to a $100K expenditure than to a $10M brand investment decision. The stakes are high. 

After many years of client engagements, Cult noticed four common problems faced by organizational leadership: 

  1. The inability to accurately calculate Brand/ Marketing ROI; 

  2. The inability to articulate how activities (be it from Marketing, HR, Investor Relations, etc.) generate financial benefit to the company (revenue, cost of capital, profit, share price, etc.); 

  3. Budget constraints; and 

  4. Resistance to change. 

Quite frankly, Cult has solved the first two. We provide a singular view of brand performance to help executives quantify the value and weight of business decisions that impact performance. 


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