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CBD Report: The Future of the Industry
Enlightenment Series

THERE IS A LOT OF SPECULATION and little consensus around just how great the opportunity is for CBD and CBD-based products around the world. Some statistics show the global market value of CBD reaching as high as $22 billion by 2022, while others describe estimates as low as $1.8 billion within the same timeframe. In reality, the total value of this new market is influenced strongly by the approach the different organizations in the industry take when bringing new products to market.

The industry is dominated by two competing paradigms, one that has the ability to tap into just a fraction of the total opportunity, and another that is capable of advancing CBD in meaningful ways to new consumers, growing the potential value to $22 billion and beyond. This paper aims to describe both paradigms: The Limiting Mindset of the brands that look at CBD solely as a value proposition, and The Growth Mindset of the brands that look at CBD as a means to reach a whole new audience.

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