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Getting Emotional Is The Most Rational Thing A Marketer Can Do
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Getting Emotional Is The Most Rational Thing A Marketer Can Do

Landmark books, like How Customers Think by Gerald Zaltman and The Business of Choice by Matthew Wilcox, share a notion common amongst today’s behavioral psychologists: that the vast majority of consumer purchase decisions are made subconsciously through emotions and then rationalized after the fact. When we are being consumers ourselves, this idea makes perfect sense to us, and we recognize examples of it immediately in many of the daily decisions we all make.

Despite this, for many marketers and agency advisors— even those amongst us who embrace improving audience engagement as the first and most important domino for ultimate success—it’s rarely a starting point in the process of problem solving.

Because of this, marketers are ignoring the most impressionable and persuasive clues to build a meaningful relationship with their audiences. They’re scratching at the surface of research data, taking answers at face value that support intentional behaviors and rational facts, instead of probing deeper to uncover the subconscious and emotional instincts of the consumer to be predisposed to a particular brand in the first place.

It’s time for a new way of problem solving, if building the cult-like following of an actively engaged audience is the North Star of success for you.

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