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How Retail Banks Should Be Banking on Engagement
Enlightenment Series

Enlightenment Series: How Retail Banks Should Be Banking on Engagement

The latest installment in our Enlightenment Series explores how retail banks should be investing in engagement over advertising, in order to win back consumer trust and loyalty. It includes compelling examples of how some banks are getting it spectacularly right.
While the economy has been steadily recovering from the latest and greatest recession, consumer trust in banks and financial institutions has not.
With the majority of institutions increasing their investment in digital banking and continuing to benchmark themselves against each other, the entire category seems locked in a race for parity—instead of engaging consumers in ways that will help to differentiate and drive brand affinity.


In this white paper, you will learn how banks:

– can win back consumer trust and affinity by emphasizing engagement over advertising

– are innovatively investing in six key areas proven to drive engagement and customer loyalty

– committed to redirecting resources and are reaping the benefits of fiercely loyal followings

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