Cult Collective

Cult is North America’s Leading Marketing Engagement Agency

Agency Profile

Cult Collective is North America's leading marketing engagement agency, helping brands win a sustainable competitive advantage by focusing on proven platforms that drive customer and employee engagement and forge fanatical loyalty.

Founded in October 2012, Cult was birthed from Watermark Advertising Design (a 28-year old traditional ad agency) and Suitcase Interactive (a 12-year old digital boutique). We formed Cult because marketplace dynamics, like social networks and constant connectivity via smartphones – fueled by consumer’s recessionary mindset, have transformed old and new media into ‘now’ media and put customers in the driver’s seat. They access whatever they want, whenever they want and no longer trust or rely on companies to tell them what…or why…or when to buy.

In order to stay relevant, marketers have to change. Our job descriptions can no longer focus on clever ads or shouting the loudest via mass media. Now, more than ever before, we must create branded experiences people actually want to interact with. That is the only way to matter in a world full of too many choices and too little time. Cult helps clients rethink pre-existing beliefs and take some risks to try something new. The economy, technology, demographics and competition have all changed. So must we.

Change starts with new ideas and new approaches. Less interruption and more interaction. Spending as much time uncovering insights as we do designing deliverables. Focusing as much on culture as we do communications, and marshaling in new value propositions that make our clients’ products and services truly remarkable. We must always combine the virtual and physical to create incredible brand platforms that are always on and easy to find. Everything must be measurable, so we’re informed and agile enough to quickly learn, adjust and improve.

Our team of world-class craftsmen has always known how to create compelling communications. Now we’re exploring how best to combine old truth with new realities, collide our left and right brains, and marry new gadgets with gut instinct. We’ve gotten pretty good at it, and are proud of the work we’ve done to help our clients not just survive, but thrill, in a 21st century marketplace.