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Brand Principles
What makes a cult brand different from their peers can be found in the 8 Cult Brand Principles.
These 8 principles outline what it means to be a cult brand and lay the foundation for the work we seek to achieve with our clients by developing or improving their capabilities in one or more of these principles. Not all cult brands excel at each principle, but a well executed combination of several principles is powerful in achieving an engaged and fanatical audience. Learning and understanding these principles and how cult brands have applied them is core to articulating our work and POV.



CUSTOMER Emotional quotient
>95% of decisions are made emotionally then rationalized after.

Our Customer Emotional Quotient or CEQ™ methodology yields an understanding of the most important feelings and beliefs that lead to affinity and advocacy and turns them into actionable insights.

Brands that achieve top levels of customer engagement get to reap incredible customer behaviours.



spend more time on
branded web and
social properties


click on more
brand ads


Share new ideas with
their teams more often


more likely to
increase monthly
in-store purchases



What is

CEQ™ is the foundational customer research CULT uses to build strategic insights and recommendations across brand and external communications. It tracks and quantifies audience engagement over the short term and long term, and helps brands model when, where, and how they’re currently earning customer loyalty while uncovering hidden levers of advocacy that have yet to be pulled.

How does
CEQ™ Work?

CEQ™ matches the simplicity of administering the popular customer satisfaction measurement NPS in that our survey can be completed within seconds while revealing more. Through a 90-120 second survey, CEQ™ informs immediate opportunities and is designed to continually measure sentiment, progression and relevance across brand and marketing activities, projects and business goals.

Why Explore
CEQ™ Work?

Studying and measuring the factors impacting your customer experience can be your organization’s most important decision, as an engaged audience is a key indicator of the level of predictable and long-term success your brand will achieve. CEQ™ uncovers which of the attitudinal and emotional-based factors must be enhanced to positively impact customer experience and, ultimately, business performance for the organization.